Mr. Stinky

Dear Mr. Stinky,

Please go away

You came without notice

We never asked you to stay;

Coming and going

Just as you please

With your tail in the air

A smell left on the breeze;

You dig out the dirt

And squeeze under the door

Into the crawlspace

You freely explore;

Leaving us guessing

When we’ll see you again

We watch in horror

As you return with 10 friends

9 thoughts on “Mr. Stinky

  1. We currently have 3 skunks that visit our yard on a nightly basis, along with 2 young possums, 4 raccoons and a groundhog. We bought a Nest Cam outdoor camera so we could watch them as they eat the fallen birdseed. Now we put peanuts and peanut butter out for them. The baby Possum likes to play tag with one of the skunks, even though she doesn’t want to play back. She has never sprayed him though. Our skunks eat along side of the possums and raccoons and are very well behaved. I have some pictures and video clips on one of my posts. We love our skunks and possums and hope to see them throughout the winter. Good luck with your critters. 🙋🐦

    1. Hi Karen – Wow, you sure have a lot of critters! We captured them with a backyard wildlife camera, too. The family of baby skunks were the cutest to see this past spring. They appeared very playful with each other. I’d love to see the possums frolicking with the skunks! You’re fortunate your skunks don’t spray – I wish I could say the same for ours – lol! Right now the pumpkins on our deck are tasty treats they cannot ignore. The possum was there last night when our dog was going out before bed. Happy backyard viewing! The critters always make things interesting! 🐾🐹

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