Just Chillin’

  These days are made For stayin’ home Just chillin’ Got nowhere to roam I may go surfin’ This afternoon Then listen to My favorite tunes I’ll add a comment Click a like or two On social media ‘cause that’s what we do These days when we’re Stayin’ home Just chillin’ With nowhere to roam


  You’re one to rely on In times of change Now even you, Coffee, Taste a bit strange You’re no longer smooth You seem a bit sour Like you’ve been in the pot For too many an hour You’re bitter, Coffee, Right from the drip I like you less The more I sip

Lavender Fields

  Lavender fields Grew despite the smog Under the veil Of polluted fog That became heavier As it closed in Carrying the sins Of where it’d been Lavender fields Grew stronger still Spreading from their field To the crest of the hill Where above the smog Their purpose was clear Lavender fields Cleansed the atmosphere