As if communication Wasn’t hard enough Now with masks covering faces It really is tough Are they smiling, frowning, Or cursing you out Are they happy to see you Or wearing a pout From a distance Comes a muffled sound As five different people Shrug and look around “Were you talking to me?” “Were you… Read More Mumbling


Now’s a good time A great time to get lost Lost in the music The pages of a book Lost in memories A favorite recipe to cook Lost in a project A purely creative space Lost in a romance In the smile on a face Lost in the woods In the salty ocean air Lost… Read More Lost


They drip like honey Sweet from the spoon Amber perfection Until the rise of the moon Nearly empty The spoon sinks in the tea A swirl of autumn In a pool of ebony A hint of the day that was Warms the night to be


Day turns to night As night turns to day As it’s always been As it’ll always stay We take a breath in We breathe it out We hold onto hope We’re shackled by doubt Still, the sun will set Still, the sun will rise Still, a new day dawns As we open our eyes