Man Made of Stone

Man made of stone For those who have shown Sacrifice and bravery Beyond flesh and bone; Eternal heroes Of honor and might We see your faces On sunny days and darkest of nights; Our sisters and brothers Fathers and mothers Remembered together, as one Man made of stone


Picked from the dirt Right where they grow Arranged in a vase On long stems for show; Petals plucked And counted one by one Blooms pressed between pages Or neatly hung; As keepsakes dried With memories, inside A flower left alone Will beautify outside; Decorating the land And pleasing the eye Scenting the air From… Read More Flowers

Face of Change

You may not be Just like the rest And that’s okay Just do your best To stay true to who You’re meant to be Because you may just be The difference in a society Full of similar wants And the same old things Be the face of change Amongst all the same  


Why just one day To celebrate Mothers When every day is a chance To tell her you love her; Showing her you care In all the small ways Will bring her joy And brighten her days; Sharing laughter and tears With the one you call Mom Creates a friendship You both, can always count on;… Read More Mother


Fill your life with color That will seep into all your days Blending away the blues And smudging out the grays; Make your finished portrait A collection of each day Stretched across a canvas A scene, ready to display; As artwork, you’ve completed Through blood, sweat and tears Only truly finished When your signature appears