Sheriff Grumpy

There’s a new Sheriff

In backyard town

Who’s all business

There’s no playing around;

He’s rearranged the galley

Where Mr. Stinky once called home

And redecorated the parlor

Where Ms. Fancy leisurely roamed;

Sheriff Grumpy wastes no time

He’s clearly here to stay

He’s dug his holes

And made a dirt bed to lay;

His plump body down

In the winter months ahead

To escape the snow and ice

He’ll hibernate instead;

For now, he continues to patrol

For any creatures who unknowingly explore

A little too close to the crawlspace

Sheriff will show his Grumpy face


To view the previous posts about our backyard critters, who were also featured in this post, please check out Mr. Stinky and Ms. Fancy.

7 thoughts on “Sheriff Grumpy

  1. Sheriff Grumpy! That could have been written about me. 🙂 (Other than the dirt bed bit!)

    Love how you’ve managed a continuing theme these past few poems. And if this is your place … wow! So lucky to have these wee critters roaming around. We live adjascent to woodland and have all the usual suspects appear: birds, hedgehogs, foxes, squirrels etc. But nothing quite as exotic as mr Stinky and the Grumpy ol’ sheriff here. 🙂

    1. Ha, you’re too funny! Yes, we do have all of these critters right in our backyard! They seem to like it very much and really do not cause any issues, except for Mr. Stinky making himself known a little too frequently! Luckily, he’s moved on for now…until next Summer! The Sheriff is the only one still around. He’s quite a character and actually fun to watch scurrying about. Hopefully more critters will appear, so I can continue my backyard theme!

  2. Just happy the “Sheriff” doesn’t have a posse! This made me laugh…but not so much fun on your end! Go to sleep, big boy, and we’ll see you in the Spring,!

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