Ms. Fancy

Mr. Stinky’s moved on

He’s packed up his things

Scurried along, but what will

His vacancy bring?

It didn’t take long

For a new critter to appear

After all, a warm place to stay

Is in high demand this time of year;

She isn’t the cutest

To look at, you see

But unlike Mr. Stinky

She doesn’t smell as nasty;

With her meticulous snout

She checked the crawlspace

Where apparently Mr. Stinky’s smell

Had yet to dissipate;

Sending our visitor, Ms. Fancy,

Sashaying down the road

In search of a better option

Ms. Fancy, the ‘possum, could call home


If you missed the previous post, Mr. Stinky, please go check it out to read about our first backyard visitor!

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