Dear 2022

Dear 2022 We haven’t met yet But I hope you’re a year Free of regret Planted with kindness Patience and love Watered with grace And blessings from above May all your days be prosperous And your months complete May your pace be steady And your mood be sweet My wish for you Is my wish… Read More Dear 2022


We’ve heard that angels Have feathered wings Wear glowing halos And play harps with strings But many angels Some will fail to see As heaven sent A gift for you and me These angels come to us With coats of fur Some have wet noses Some are known to purr All light up our days… Read More Angels

Christmas Morn

A bit of this And a dash of that A fun ho, ho, ho A red Santa’s hat The fresh smell of pine A sugary treat Colorful lights Yummy things to eat A time to reflect On the real reason We celebrate This holiday season When Hope was born On that first Christmas morn

A Snowflake Fell

A snowflake fell For the first time last night She fluttered, drifting softly Feather-light On the velvet voice Of winter, who sang And whistled sweet Notes of hickory Hints of mesquite Spun her around And caressed her cheek “Darling,” he said “You’re truly unique.”