Gone as far As you can go On feet that carried you Steady and slow? You’ve reached the top Or so you thought Until you realized There’s much more you want. You’ve got wings to grow And places to go A whole world to see… One full of promise, and possibility.


A fallen fragment That once stood tall Appears broken, downtrodden Very nearly forgotten But from rings of strength Formed through tests and trials New purpose exists For what’s now tired …Splintered… Into a shelter Ready to share Storms it’s been through For out of its wounds Life is born anew

Lunar Lullaby

  Cradled in the sky Sits the moon up high Singing a quiet melody That requires no reply It drifts on the breeze Mesmerizingly slow Reaching sleepy ears With hypnotic soothing notes Of peaceful contemplation To bid another day goodbye While welcoming in the night With a lunar lullaby


  A divine paintbrush Delineates the lines Between heaven and earth’s Beautiful design In the windswept bog grass And the ever-changing tide To each grain of sand Forming the dunes that divide A starting point And the transitional lines That feather and seep Over time Until blended as one Vibrant masterpiece refined By unending change… Read More Masterpiece


  Scars… Upon our flesh Sting our lips Haunt our minds Invade our veins Reminders of… The times we’ve lived Of lessons learned Dreams forgotten Victories won and problems conquered Scars… Have brought us here Shaped who we are Made us stronger Renamed us …Survivors…