Trick or Treat

When the sun has set Your fate you’ll have met As careful hands hone An expression all your own; Newly carved Your true face takes shape   As the light escapes From your hollowed-out space;   Peering back at me What will I see?   A trick or a treat… Something sweet or scary?


Covered by fallen leaves And orange pine needles Once green; Acorns on the ground Become lost treasures To be found; By squirrels Who prepare For autumn’s sundown; When a pointed finger Issues an icy demand, “Colors, fade. You must follow Winter’s plan.”


Framed by darkness Illuminated by light A mixed composition Is the cycle of life; Seasons of change Some welcomed…some not All have a purpose Lest we forgot; Even the rainy days That block out the sun Help ignite the color In the next autumn to come.


BURIED Where history speaks Of misery For the untimely deceased For the young and old Who lost their lives: To famine; disease; Hysteria; witch trials; Their fate On headstones marked By date and type Of earthly fraught From a troubling time In our history books Remembered by Monuments and tourist nooks In Salem Secrets, truth… Read More BURIED