A transparent soul Allows others to see Their truth In lost battles and victories; Stories and memories Etched into place Life’s struggles and triumphs Intricately laced; Into a pattern Uniquely designed On each soul’s face Are smile and frown lines; Honed by time And polished by grace A transparent soul Becomes a cherished keepsake


Comfort in a time of need Encouragement when hope has fleed; Truth even when it hurts Lies in search of new converts; Enrichment for the mind Fantasy that’s fun to find; Spoken through loose lips Written with pen tips; Read before bed Unspoken inside our head; WORDS hold the power To delight or devour


There’s no commotion This time of year For our feathered friends Who’ve gathered near; Islanders Not willing to revoke Their view from above Where they watch townsfolk; Who stay all year Just like they do Staking their claim The whole winter through; Until bitter cold’s gone And warm days return When summer people come Streets and… Read More Islanders