Your Special Star, her debut children’s book, was released mid-August of 2014. Drawing from the real-life loss of her son, Jessica has crafted a story of hope, paired with charming illustrations that can be appreciated by all ages. Her delicate delivery of universally relevant subject matter involving the passing of a loved one makes Your Special Star a comforting story you will want to share with others.

Jessica’s debut novel, Naming The Bits Between, was released December 2015. Thematically similar to Your Special Star, Jessica’s characters and storylines highlight the depth and strength of the human spirit. Look at the world differently after experiencing this uplifting adventure; fully aware, we can each laugh, learn, and ultimately be changed, by one another.

Jessica’s writing is also featured in two anthology books published by the Association of Rhode Island Authors:

Shoreline and Under the 13th Star.

Original writing, poetry, photography, and graphic design now available through Jessica’s online store, GreetingsSunshine. Her writing and products offer warm sentiments for a brighter tomorrow!

Click the links below to read a sample of each book.


Read a sample of Naming The Bits Between



Your Special Star www.jessicamcollette.com

Read a sample of Your Special Star


Personalize a Your Special Star ornament for someone in your life! Add your favorite photo to the front and your loved one’s name and dates to the back to make this a cherished memorial piece to keep with you always.