By Dusk

A full moon rises On Halloween this year But the kids of Rhode Island Are to be home when it appears No, this isn’t a trick But a suggestion from the state “If you’re out after dark You’re out much too late!” So, set your alarm clocks Enjoy a spooky brunch Be dressed in costume… Read More By Dusk


“Take a big biteWon’t you, please?It’s from a healthy tree,Free of disease.”The shiny appleFor sale on a stickEnticed their tonguesTo take a lickBut the caramel appleHad secrets to hideIts flesh was rottenTo the core inside*Buyer bewareOf candy-coated lies*


We all have boxes Full of treasures we keep Where trinkets hide And memories sleep Whether brittle wicker Or velvet-lined Inside these boxes Are secrets to find Etched upon the fabric Soaked into the seams These boxes are Time-capsules of dreams Or they’re just boxes No more than they seem Dry places to store Our… Read More Boxes

Freddy the Fly

Freddy the fly Stole the show As politicians bragged About what they know He made his landing On Mike Pence’s head And stayed so long He appeared to be dead But after two minutes And a few seconds more He flew to find Another head to explore