Billy Go-Go-Go

Gliding across the snow
They call him Billy Go-Go-Go
He’s the squirrel in charge
As Sheriff Grumpy sleeps below;
Always searching for food
To fill his hungry belly
Billy Go-Go-Go avoids the spot
That Mr. Stinky’s made smelly;
He slips and slides
Across the icy landscape
Stopping but a second to check
On Ms. Fancy’s humble estate;
Then it’s back to the search
For nuts and seeds
At least this time of year
Tricky Jr.’s absence puts him at ease;
He takes his time
To frolic in the snow
As he fluffs his tail
To give the girls a show;
But the chatter is
He’s not a one squirrel beau
There’s a wandering eye
On the young Billy Go-Go-Go


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