Good Stewards

The sun shines So, the flower will bloom The flower blooms So, the bee will visit The bee visits So, our world is sweet Our world is sweet So, we can give thanks We can give thanks By being good stewards Good stewards Of our beautiful earth

Drift Away

They went to the ocean To watch the waves To let their memories Drift away To the far corners Where earth meets air To a place where dreams Are theirs to share Like pearls plucked As priceless treasures From a sea of endless Possibility

Your Story’s Not Done

Memories are alive They breathe and age With us, like us They’re never the same They shrink and expand With each breath in our lungs They return us to places Where they once had begun They remind us how far We all have come Before whispering, “Your story’s not done.”


A trip to the nursery Is not complete Without a healthy snack For me to eat Now from the comfort Of my sun-soaked deck I can nibble on greens To keep my health in check While I gladly guard And selfishly protect It from the critters Who dare inspect The yummy goodness That was meant… Read More Yummy