When your head hits the pillow Don’t shed a tear Send up a prayer For only God’s ears Close your tired eyes Clear the worry from your head Let the blanket of peace Tuck you into bed Tonight, and always With thanks Amen


Do you believe in signs Messages and such From those you dearly miss From those you wholly loved A penny at your feet A heart cloud in the sky The perfect color blue A Cardinal flying by Or is this coincidence Merely, a thing of chance Something that normally You wouldn’t give a second glance… Read More Messages


As the weather grewDarker and colderThe new buds of springIn autumn were olderGoldenAs an aged wedding ringSmoke signals roseVeiled and thinLike the Farmer’s AlmanacThat said, winter would beginWhen the first snowflakeDelicate and whiteBecame an omenOf frostbiteThe farmer shiveredAt the thoughtHe stoked the fireUntil red hotA golden fluffballPurred on his lapThe farmer and kittyShared a catnap… Read More Golden