Soul, Sight, and Sound

Where the sunflowers grow Tall and strong And roosting birds Serenade in song From the giant Sycamore On the riverbank Under which I give my thanks With a sense of belonging And gratitude Knowing in my stillness And solitude I am one Soul, sight, and sound With all of the beautiful things


It’s in the moments When our senses are deprived We finally figure out Just who we are inside Stripped of flesh Pretense and perception As small as we are large Freed from perfection Simply alive As we were always Meant to be


From the shadows of Past Future is born Clothed in hand-me-downs Many had already worn With strong shoulders Broader than the last Future marches on Carrying the weight of Past Until Past’s threadbare rags Grasp and cling no more Future shines bright Out of the shadows Evermore

First Christmas

May your Christmas be Merry and bright As bright as the star On that first Christmas night That pointed those Wise enough to seek To the savior sent To fill the weak With joy and hope Faith and love Our Holy Miracle Sent from above A gift of peace For everyone