Chester Chickadee


His name is Chester Chickadee

And he’d love to be your friend

Talking a mile, a minute

His stories seem to never end


He likes to brag to who he can

And is never all that picky

If Ms. Fancy isn’t home

He’ll follow the stench to Mr. Stinky


Next, he’ll talk to the cloud of dust

Kicked up by Tricky Jr.

Before he jokes with Sheriff Grumpy

Who still has no sense of humor


As Billy Go-Go-Go

Chases after another girl

Chester offers dating advice

To the amorous-minded squirrel


As a last resort he’ll seek out

Henrietta Hedgehog to tell his secrets

He trusts her stony expression

And feels her lack of response is pure genius


But when all options fail

To the truck pulpit he will go

Where he’ll gladly talk for hours

To his very own shadow


If you liked this one, be sure to go back and check out Chester’s cohorts from previous postings – Ms. Fancy the opossum, Mr. Stinky the skunk, Sheriff Grumpy the groundhog, Tricky Jr. the chipmunk, Billy Go-Go-Go the squirrel and Henrietta Hedgehog the stone likeness of a hedgehog who comes to life at night!

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