Photo thanks to my hubby AJ Collette


Known simply as Heckler

More than any other name

Tossing out insults

Was indeed his favorite game


Early each morning

At the crack of dawn

He finds the highest tree top

To look down upon


The comings and goings

The antics of them all

He watches and waits

Then lets out a heckling call


“Big Man Blue Jay just got beaten

By a gang of hungry ants.

They marched off with his peanut

And ignored Big Man’s incessant rants!”


“Tom Cat’s once again

Perched under the brush.

He’s hoping to get lucky

With his unattainable house cat crush!”


“Then there’s the pair of love doves

Who dance and coo each day.

Their lovey-dovey romance

Makes me sick in every way!”


“And I can’t forget Greg the Grackle

Who flips and flaps in the bath.

He’s an old man losing feathers

Though he acts as if he’s just hatched!”


Suddenly Heckler saw his audience

Dwindle to but a few

As a large pair of wings

Above Heckler flew


Red-tailed Hawk buzzed so close

Heckler for once had nothing to say

Instead he just felt lucky

He’d live to heckle another day

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