It’s hard to hear your history

And keep a dry eye

But now that we know you

Inside, mischief resides


Gone are the days

Of prowling the Texas streets

Now you have food, toys

And are hand fed your treats


You’re a sweet companion

Always wanting to please

With a gentle personality

That puts all at ease


Yet as soon as you see

A squirrel scurry on by

You’re off like a flash

Forgetting you’re shy


But my favorite thing

About you, Callie

You’re part of our family

You make us happy

3 thoughts on “Callie

  1. In my business as a dog walker, I have walked a Kali (German pointer) who acted as my ‘sherpherding dog’ – see my book, damp Dogs & Rabbit Wee ( 😉 ) and a Cali (black labrador.) Both are lovely, good natured and friendly dogs.

    Must be something in a name right enough. 🙂

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