Blue Sky

Blue Sky

Presented a perfect day

Where people, birds and animals

Enjoyed it their way


In the clear, warm breeze

The leaves softly applauded

As the bees hummed a hymn

The flower heads nodded


At the perfect day

Brought by Blue Sky

Who quickly took notice

As fair-weather clouds passed by


They cast a shadow or two

Across Blue Sky’s wary eye

Then caught a ride on Wind’s gust

Before a cordial goodbye


Then on the horizon

Darkness appeared

With a distant rumble that echoed

What the weathermen feared


Storm could be over

By mid-afternoon

But if luck would have it

Blue Sky may resume


With a howl

Storm’s clouds charged in

As all creatures prepared

For Storm’s rage to begin


With an ominous roar

Rain poured heavily down

Lightening flashed

And smiles turned to frowns


Storm lasted but a moment

In an almost perfect day

As spots of blue were seen

As Storm’s clouds parted ways


With a little help from Sun

Blue Sky again ruled the day

And as a welcome guest

Rainbow came out to play


As everyone stopped to enjoy

This special display

Proving even storms are necessary

For a truly perfect day

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