School Bus

Big, yellow, and loud

It rumbles by

A busload of kids

Along for the ride

Inside is louder

Than the clunky machine

With chatter of children

And bullies being mean

Leftovers from lunch

Are flung through the air

As the bus driver yells

Billy pulls Jenny’s hair

Backpacks are searched

Love notes are passed

Liz in the front

Wears headphones to relax

The bus hugs corners

Of the rural road

While the driver’s unsure

Of where the route goes

Stop after stop

Kids run to get off

Timmy wipes his nose,

Sneezes and coughs

Brian, the bully

Yells at kids outside

They throw a water balloon,

Run and hide

Knowing tomorrow

There’ll be a price to pay

They can’t help but laugh

As the bus drives away

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