Two Trees

Two trees stood tall

Brothers side-by-side

At the edge of the field

With no place to hide


One noticed changes

All subtle at first

Its leaves streaked in color

Its roots a new thirst


But, the other found excuses

Afraid of too much, too soon

Noting, the air’s not cool enough

And the sun’s too hot at noon


Yet, the first couldn’t ignore

The nature of its calling

Today, I’ll dress in autumn colors

Tomorrow, I’ll let leaves start falling


Still, the other grew wary

Of the calendar date

Instead of honoring destiny

It tried to change fate


While the first was recognized

Far and wide

For its vibrant autumn colors

That it never tried to hide


The other was overlooked

Which made it feel bad

Its green leaves hung faded

Looking sullen and sad


Even as the first

Let go of all its leaves

Standing bare and tall

Its true purpose was achieved


Still the other became fearful

Unable to let go

Now its leaves that should have fallen

Were all covered in wet snow


Though both trees were covered

Only the first could hold the weight

Because the other feared its purpose

It now faced a harsher fate


A few of its branches

Crumpled to the ground

Yet it hoped in the spring

It had a chance to rebound


To learn from the first tree

Admitting its blunder

With a chance to grow all season

It would become an autumn wonder

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