The trees are feeling chill Laid-back and carefree The mood is contagious If only you’ll let it be Rising up to autumn’s sun Bowing under fall’s full moon Just being in the moment Whether morning, night, or noon Multi-colored tie-dye Speckled on their leaves The trees are feeling groovy Swaying in the breeze


She caught herself staring At a desolate tree Peeling bark and leafless branches Reaching Into the cold Crystal blue sky Where puffy clouds floated Aloofly by Unaware of its reach For something Nothing Anything at all She caught herself staring At a cardinal Just starting to sing And found a lifeline Between Fall and spring


“Herman, cut your hair!” Echoed through the grove If he’d heard it once or 1,000 times Herman surely did not know ~ He rather liked the way his hair fell Conveniently obscuring his face From his overbearing mother Whose branches crowded his space ~ Yet each time the wind blew Herman let down his hair… Read More Herman


Across the silent Lonely night Under a moon So full and bright; A call echoes Through the air Questioning Are you there? A faint noise From afar Answers her In a distant howl; Uncertainty Comes to an end As he calls her home To be with him