This, Them or That

If curiosity killed the cat

What did it do to the dog

Was it just a brief distraction

‘til something better came along


Whether birds or squirrels

People, cars, or a curious cat

A dog will always wonder

                                             What’s this and What’s that                                             


When food is sizzling in a pan

Or crumbs drop from a hand

Even litter scattered on the ground

Are canine treasures to be found


Some will watch TV

Or tilt their head at a funny noise

But soon they’ll have lost interest

And return to playing with their toys


Then suddenly it’s naptime

Where in dreams they bark and play

Twitching, running and chasing

They may even practice sit and stay


Though dogs are clearly different

Than the all too curious cat

They too can get into trouble

When distracted by this, them or that

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