A flock of robins Darted here and there Their controlled chaos In trees, in air Swirling and spiraling Grey, blue and red Chirping and peeping Was heard overhead Where juniper berries Hung heavy on trees The robins feasted In the late fall breeze One after the other They had their fill Whoosh All was calm… Read More Whoosh


It’s easy to tell When windows aren’t clean Dirt, specks, and smudges Are easily seen But we often overlook The windows to our souls Are they bright and clear Or riddled with holes Have they become opaque No light in or out Has the concept of trust Turned to doubt Or have you protected Your… Read More Windows


A black cat purred at my feet One October Eve on Mayflower Street Circling ‘round my legs with her powderpuff tail While I quickly sorted through the mail The tag on her collar tinkled and chimed The engraved name Roxy glinted and shined Just as I was distracted by the flyer in my hand For… Read More Roxy