As the 20’s were roaring

A baby girl was born

Joining two sisters

She completed the Ryan home;

Though Dad Ryan

Had always wanted a son

He took one look at Virginia

And his heart was won;

The baby became a lovely girl

Her mahogany hair in a braid or two

Though Dad had wished for Irish red

The vibrant color on Mother’s head;

She was handy yet feminine

Both at the same time

Able to fix cars

Yet she still caught the boys’ eyes;

At parties in New York City

Special memories were made

With stunning dresses worn

And catchy music played;

Later she moved

From her home in the Berkshires

To the small seaside village

Of Hingham Massachusetts;

To an antique house

Partly salvaged from an old boat

Built by the ship’s Captain

Sometimes still visited by his ghost;

There she raised her daughter

To be independent and true

Young Jinnie quickly became

A favorite of Grandad Ryan, too;

Whether it was working the switchboard

During WWII

Processing mortgages

Or funny stories she lived through;

She’s my Great, Great Aunt

Though I feel she’s so much more

Virginia Ryan’s a special lady

She’s someone I adore

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