Celtic Heart

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The salty breeze

The waves carried you

Away from me;

I watched until

I could no longer see

The vessel you rode

Toward your destiny;

To discover a new land

Full of mystery

Across the ocean

It waits for thee;

But will I ever

See you again

Or have I lost you

Just as your journey begins;

Remember your homeland

The rocky coast and fields of green

Familiar faces

And Gaelic scenes;

How I’d love to be with you

Aboard that ship

Though fate won’t answer

My requested wish;

I’ve placed in your pocket

Words I wrote

Emotions spelled out

In a heartfelt quote;

“May you drift on waves

To a world away

Sustained by my love

Until we reunite one day;

Carried on the salty breeze

My Celtic Heart,

Who crossed the sea

Find your way back to me.”

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