Day turns to night As night turns to day As it’s always been As it’ll always stay We take a breath in We breathe it out We hold onto hope We’re shackled by doubt Still, the sun will set Still, the sun will rise Still, a new day dawns As we open our eyes


A balloon wanders Waiting for a flame To give it new direction A change from where it came What once drifted aimlessly Unsure of where to fly With heat, rises purposefully Across the morning sky This scene of serenity Admired from below Reminds us the simple things Put on the greatest show


Twisting and turning Together they drift Tossed on the wind The group does not split As a flock They’ll go where they’ll go But with just one flap Dissention does show There’s one who has chosen To separate On spread wings he’ll fly To claim his own fate


It’s the pieces When combined That finish the design In a mosaic collection Gathered over a lifetime It’s the pieces Mended together Where broken edge Meets broken edge That turns imperfection Into a masterpiece instead