Thanksgiving Food Fight


The table is set

For Thanksgiving Day

The turkey and sides

Are all on display

But did you know

They are there to compete,

To become Thanksgiving’s

Favorite treat?

The turkey says,

“Clearly, I’ll go far!

My plump breasts and thighs

Will make me the star!”

The potatoes argue,

“I’m fluffy!” “I’m sweet!”

Before they agree,

“We’re both great to eat!”

The green bean amandine

Says in a small voice,

“If they want something healthy,

I’m their choice.”

The stuffing peeks out

From the inside,

“Turkey can compete.

I prefer to hide!”

But gravy insists,

“I finish the plate!

I cover you all

And make them gain weight!”

The turnips, squash

And brussels sprouts

On the side table

Are silenced by doubt

“From the first bite,

To the last,

Their love for me, Turkey,

Will go unsurpassed!”

“So sorry, but

We’d have to disagree.

It’s obvious,

Who their favorites will be?

Apple, pumpkin, pecan,

Whipped cream.

Us, desserts,

Will take the win as a team!”

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