Free to Be…


Free to be…

A butterfly

Sunning on wildflowers

A memory they’ll keep

Even on a day with showers


A cardinal

With a welcoming chirp

Feathers, bright and red

Will make smiles return again


A shiny copper penny

That appears when least expected

Soon they’ll have a jar

Filled with pennies they’ve collected


A shining star

The one they’ll notice first

That matches the twinkle in their eyes

As if it had been rehearsed


A song that fills their ears

Mending broken-hearts

With a melody that soothes

As soon as the music starts


Any color that you wish

Or a blend of all the best

When the clouds depart

With your rainbow they’ll be blessed


A comfort in the night

Sharing messages of love

A visitor in dreams

Sent from above


You’ll be who you were

And oh, so much more

Our loved one alive in spirit

Showing signs, we can’t ignore



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