Ducks in a Row

There once was a duck

Who sat for days

Perched on a fence

Suffering from malaise


No one knew

Just why he was there

And when someone asked

He just gave a blank stare


Until the day

The new girl caught his eye

With the whitest downy feathers

She fluttered on by


With just a glimpse

He lost his balance

Staying on the fence

Became his greatest challenge


As he tumbled head first

Something broke his fall

A pillow of white feathers

Was all he could recall


When he came to his senses

He saw her perched on his fence

The new girl preening her feathers

So soft, white and dense


She looked down at him

And winked a playful eye

Then coyly flapped a wing

Inviting him by her side


And then there were two

Ducks in a row

The new girl in town

Had found herself a beau

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