The Innkeeper’s Gate

Go find

The innkeeper’s gate

And there you will hear

A piece of your fate;

He heard their instructions

On repeat as he walked

Specific steps must happen

Before the innkeeper would talk;

He must stand completely still

And grasp the latch by his thumb

Tapping a beat on the fence

He must also audibly hum;

A tune in time

With the birds and squirrels

Who chirp and chatter during

A sunset of orange and purples;

If and when, you do all that

The innkeeper will appear

But will you be ready

For all you’ll likely hear;

He contemplated all

As he followed the path

And before he knew it

He stood at the gated latch;

With planted feet

He looped his thumb

Tapped in time

And loudly hummed;

He heard the birds sing

And the critters chatter

Just as the sky turned

The vibrant colors that matter;

And just like they had said

The old innkeeper appeared

And the boy patiently waited

As the revelation neared;

What do you want, boy?

The innkeeper sneered

Do you know my fate?

From you sir, I’d love to hear;

You’re a gullible boy

Yet you’re eager to please

You follow instructions

Though you’re easy to tease;

Now go tell them all

This last truth I have shown

All you mischievous kids

Must leave this old innkeeper alone

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