The Candle

There once was a tale

Told long, long ago

About a maiden who lit

Her candle aglow;

It was seen in the window

Of the chateau

Enticing her suitors

To put on a show;

Tried as they might

Man, after man strutted by

But none could catch

The fair maiden’s eye;

Soon her candle did flicker

Like the waning beats of her heart

As she counted the days

That had passed since the start;

And as the wax melted

So, did her wishes

Of finding a soulmate

To ignite her with kisses;

Until the day she saw him

A man of the sea

As he stepped off the boat

And saw a flame of mystery;

It lured him in

Until he was close enough to see

Fair maiden’s face

Sad, as sad could be;

He waited but a moment

Until her eyes found his

Then he watched the candle flicker

As she carried it to him;

When their hands touched

The flame crackled to life

And in the softest of glows

A sailor found his wife

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