Eternal Gates

Eternal Gates

Along your journey
They’ll be many chances
To stop and worry
Through obstructed glances

From outside the closed gates
Where you’ll eventually wait
With bated breath
To learn where your future’s spent

When your journey is done
You’ll learn your fate;
Did you live right
Throughout your life?

Through happenstance
And circumstance;
Did you give more
Than you took by chance?

If your answer’s, “Yes”
You pass the test
And may freely enter
And join the beautiful splendor

But if you say, “No”
There’s nothing more to show
Beyond this gate
For you, it’s closed

But if you loved
And tried not to judge
… Humanity …
Find open gates of amnesty

Welcoming you home
With open arms
That comfort and embrace
With a love that states, “All is grace.”

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