Ghost Harbor

Jamestown Harbor -

Ready to witness what is passing through

The reflective water down below

Gulls fly over for a better view

And perch like gargoyles atop piling plateaus;

Protectors of the ocean shore

And all the secrets ever stored

Within the darkest depths

And chained along the sandy floor;

Treasure and unsolved mystery

Tall tales sailors once spun –

Lost memories kept alive

Shared over the years, one-by-one;

About a seaside scene

Viewed through a foggy curtain

With ghostly sightings –

Reports of spectral sea merchants;

Gathered on the wooden deck

Of a weathered fishing boat

That swayed and creaked beneath their feet

Quickly vanishing where once afloat;

Into the eerie water

Where time and space unwind

Revealing a lost world

The supernatural has designed;

As a watery intersection

Where straight lines go askew

Altering reality

As each change of the tide rolls through.








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