Bridge of Chance

Bridge of Chance

“Tread lightly,”

They warned

With looks of scorn

As I acknowledged them politely;

“No one knows what exists

Across the bridge,

Surely, trouble lives

Near the forest ridge.

We’ve seen shadows lurk

Between the trees

And heard squeals

Carried over on the breeze.”

The crowd dispersed

Retreating to their cabins

Oblivious to what’s about to happen.

Despite their warnings, so well-rehearsed

I took my first step,

Quickly followed by the next.

Across the bridge I crept;

Glancing at the watery reflection

Of the tree line ahead

And all they had said

Echoed in my ears

Stirring up nervous fears.

Just as a shadowy figure

Passed between trees,

Disappeared and then grew bigger;

Anxiety weakened my knees.

As I made my way closer

Voices were heard

And laughter arose

Just as my vision blurred;

From the smoky air

Wafting up from the campfire

That lit the dark night

And cast shadows higher

Of the happy crowd

Who greeted me

By singing aloud

And dancing with glee

I no longer felt alone

Smothered by their fears of the unknown

Here, they happily

Welcomed me home.

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