Colors of Spring

Colors of Spring -

A little house
To welcome you;
A blue roof
And red walls, too.

Sheltered by pines
Dressed in snowy white,
Wear nature’s design;
Winter season’s last fight.

To hide lively colors:
Our sure sign of spring,
And all of the wonders
She surely will bring.

Blooms and chirps,
And drops from above,
Remind us all
Of what we love.

Where we’ve been
And the cold airs end;
Brighter days ahead
With warm-weathered friends.

Nesting wrens spy
The colorful house,
Where they’ll soon reside
And feed hungry mouths.

Against a backdrop
Of green pine
Branches, salute the sun
And shade the inside.

Of the blue roof
With the red walls, too,
Where a family grew
Until from it, babies flew.

Away from their home
And the green pine shade;
On wings they’ll roam
As the vibrant colors fade.

Up, up they’ll fly
To a bird’s-eye view;
From a cloudless sky
With a sunset’s pastel hue.

4 thoughts on “Colors of Spring

  1. Welcoming abode for some fortunate friend’s! Look forward to seeing the coming and going in this beautiful setting, provided by nature and a caring you!

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