Downstream -
Many miles seen and traveled
Across rolling hills and fields
Cutting through chasms and rock
Forming mud and mossy yields.

Flowing under rustic covered bridges
Past bustling freeways; country roads
Where ducks search for dinner
Hunting plump, chirping spring toads.

Camouflaged by weeds and water
Webbed feet, swimming with fishes
In the depths of deep
Drawn to flashing coin wishes.

Deposited on the murky bottom
By hopefuls with enchanted plans
Seeing the colors of autumn
Until winter slaps their hands.

With icy-water running its path
Ending with a resounding crash
From a free-fall spilling over
A liquid curtain’s mad dash.

A race of frothy whitecaps
Collected pools soon begin seeping
Through crevices and jutting rocks
The deluge surges; secrets keeping.

Hidden on a tumultuous journey
Along curving banks of land
Until reaching the interior coast
Finally, lapping the glinting sand.

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