Of Gull and Guy

Of Gull and Guy

I watch you
You don’t see me
On this fine day
By the sea

Crashing waves
White spray wetting the air
Distracting; Enticing
Mesmerized, you remain unaware

Of me on the rock
My chosen resting place
Where I watch the show
Against overcast airspace

Of a curious man
And his camera too
Focused on the surf
The salty stew

From where I eat
Live and sleep
With men like you
Who come, click and keep

Samples of the beauty
Captured waves that grow
From the majestic ocean
Her currents, ebb and flow

Through the camera lens
You follow the breaking surf
To me, your observer
Standing on the rocky turf

Through the viewfinder
Finally, you see me
During our shared day
With your muse; my home

The sea.

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