Fish Fry

I explored the ocean In an unlikely boat Red-checkered, tissue-lined A cardboard vessel of the sea Where fish was battered Dipped once, fried twice In oil that splattered On the fish fry presented to me Perfectly golden Fish and sun On that day Were my gifts from the sea

Spins with Ease

Instead of flying south Puff up your feathers In the everchanging New England weather ~ Whether a duckling Or a goose who’s old A merry heart Stays warm in the cold ~ Enduring through The harshest wintry freeze Until spring comes in As the gentlest breeze ~ Warming the metal ‘til it spins with ease

Nibble and Gnaw

Though Halloween’s over There’s still treats to be had The sweet taste of pumpkin Drives the squirrels mad; They nibble and gnaw Through poor Jack O’s face Until his once toothy grin Is but a hole to escape; These furry scavengers Love to eat and run Making each meal a bit Of mischievous fun