Ireland’s Rose

Ireland's Rose

Up atop a rocky mound,

What thoughts, may you have found?

Visiting the land so green,

Oh, the sights you must have seen.

Carved Celtic stones

Housing ancient bones;

Rolling countryside

Where sheep abide;

When they are shorn

Intricate sweaters be worn;

By your ancestors, old and new.

The light filters down

Where you are found.

An immortalized scene;

What does life mean?

We miss all of you,

Especially, your heart so true.

Film captured your essence

In true luminescence.

Is this what heaven is for you?

Elevated and engulfed in light

A look of contentment and delight.

Ireland called her baby home;

O’er the land and sea, your spirit – free to roam.




In memory of my Mother-in-law Rose Collette.


Image courtesy of Annmarie Collette

2 thoughts on “Ireland’s Rose

  1. I knew by the title you were writing about Rose and that wondrous photo! She was such a sweet lady, gone much too soon! Lovely tribute, Jessica!

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