I see blue In the windows to your soul; In a perfect summer sky During an early morning stroll; On the feather of a jay That breaks the silence of the day; On a newly opened flower Arranged in a bouquet; In the mesmerizing flutter Of a butterfly’s wings; I see blue In the eyes,… Read More Blue

Man Made of Stone

Man made of stone For those who have shown Sacrifice and bravery Beyond flesh and bone; Eternal heroes Of honor and might We see your faces On sunny days and darkest of nights; Our sisters and brothers Fathers and mothers Remembered together, as one Man made of stone


Tears have soaked into the ground and quenched the thirst that grief had found; The clouds have faded melted by sunrays that light the gloom of darker days; Brightening the gray where memory buds hide to a pastel glow where you bloom and survive; As a melody the songbirds sing under a rainbow promising the renewal… Read More Renewal