Publication Day!

Naming The Bits Between - A Novel

It seemed like this day would never come! After countless hours spent: writing, editing, re-writing, re-editing, designing, and after one final, gut-wrenching, proofing…it has arrived. Today, my debut novel is available for so many other eyes to peruse its pages. I can let the two tired ones I call my own, rest. Let me tell you though, boy was it re-energizing to see the finished product! Even more amazing was holding the physical book in my hands – it was a strange, yet simply magical, thing!

If you’ve every thought of writing a book, do it! It is a sometimes torturous path (reading your own words one more time will make you want to pull your hair out) but the many benefits, far outweigh the scattered headaches in between. For me, I’ve always loved to write, but it just so happened that my road to publishing was paved by tragedy. After losing my son, I sought out a new purpose…an attempt to fill a void that I knew all too well, I would not be able to fill with anything. Second by second, the clock ticked on. I matched the movement of the minute and the hour hands with words, which turned into sentences, paragraphs and eventually pages. What resulted (I so hope you agree!) is a realistic, yet inspirational story about finding a new path, after life diverts you from the one you once knew.

I would love it if you’d check out my debut novel Naming The Bits Between. That’s all for now; off to write my next one!

11 thoughts on “Publication Day!

  1. Congratulations Jessica! It IS a big deal seeing your work come to this physical fruition. I share your excitement. I’ll keep an eye out on your blog for details of the Kindle release.

    Hope the word spreads fast.


    1. Thanks, Cee Tee! I know you completely understand the enormous thrill of holding your own unique creation. I hope you’re doing well with your book. I look forward to reading it and am also thinking it will make a great gift for my sister-in-law who is a pet photographer.

  2. Jessica, when I read your written words, it’s just like talking to you. You are real, honest, loving, and your wry humor comes flowing through. Life tried to treat you harshly, but you would have none of it. Bruised and battered, you came back to tell people life can be good and have a great purpose! God bless you, always, my sweet daughter! Joshua is really proud of his Mamma…so am I!!

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