You’ve Got Mail!

You've Got Mail!

We’ve all heard laughter is good (sometimes the best) medicine. In our current world of upheaval and uncertainty of what tomorrow holds, it is that much more important to embrace moments of happiness, lightheartedness and humor, now more than ever.

A recent example of recognizing all opportunities to break through the seemingly endless bombardment of bad news whether it be from the media, your family, or your doctor, came to me on an unsuspecting routine trip to the mailbox.

As has become expected (we have a semi-disgruntled mail delivery person) our mailbox was stuffed with a package that would have been better delivered to our front step. Instead, it was crammed inside and left to stick precariously out of the box with the door unable to shut. I tugged on the protruding cardboard, attempting to dislodge it from our wobbly mail receptacle (the past victim of a random hit and run). Unable to get an adequate grip on the jammed box, I stepped to the side to try a more advantageous angle. That’s when it happened. My eyes saw red lettering, just as my hands gripped the smooth brown package.

3 inches longer! Plumber’s butt fixed adorned the box. Laughter immediately escaped my gaping mouth as I paused to reflect on what I was seeing. The way the box had been stuffed inside, this statement was perfectly framed for all the cars driving by to see it as well. I dislodged the box and laughed some more at the depiction of a plumber kneeling down, a bold red arrow pointing to the fact he had a fully covered butt!

Examining the other funny statements and characters on the box, made me think that possibly the mail person has a better sense of humor than I give them credit for. Maybe they chuckled to themselves as they placed the box just so, with the funny statement visible to make me and others smile. For now (or at least until the next mishandled mail delivery) I think I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. As for Duluth Trading Co, thank you for providing unique and entertaining marketing. The smile on my face (and the box jammed inside my mailbox) is evidence you are doing something right!

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