Sometimes it takes years To uncover what’s real To chip away a façade Only time can reveal Raw and exposed Cleansed of all crud A sparkle seen Under layers of mud A glimpse of what’s true Down to the core A bare-naked soul And nothing more Never to wear The façade of before


Comfort in a time of need Encouragement when hope has fleed; Truth even when it hurts Lies in search of new converts; Enrichment for the mind Fantasy that’s fun to find; Spoken through loose lips Written with pen tips; Read before bed Unspoken inside our head; WORDS hold the power To delight or devour


Sand between toes As a gentle breeze blows Through windswept hair That tickles your nose; With a briny kiss Granting one last wish Upon a lone starfish Swaying in time; With the ocean current And the balmy air Daydreams drift On a hope and a prayer; Up to the blue abyss Before imaginative eyes Fluffy… Read More Daydreams