Once a year – fall is here


Once a Year - fall is here

Yes, it is that time of year again. My fellow New Englanders know exactly what I’m talking about. Fall has arrived. There is a crispness in the air that had been missing for the past humid summer months. With the periodic chill felt in the swirling wind, leaves spiral to the ground from the upper branches. They drift down, just a sprinkle at a time right now, but the inevitable downpour of foliage in a cascade of colorful splendor is not far off. The fallen leaves with their brittle burnt paper consistency, crunch under each step, seemingly wherever you walk. They are not an obstacle, they easily disintegrate beneath the tread of your shoe. Instead, it’s the dangerous acorns that pose the real threat. Be careful of those little suckers, they will surely wreak havoc on an unsuspecting ankle, or two!

Another sure sign it’s arrived; pumpkins, apples and mums decorate the farm stands. At this early date, they haven’t quite made it to each individual yard yet (at least not mine) but they are calling your name as you pass by. One of the sure ways I relate with this time of year is the pumpkin items that are offered at the bakeries and coffee shops (thank you Dunkin’ Donuts for the pumpkin iced coffee – delicious!). I also enjoy burning the fall scents from my Yankee Candle collection. The Harvest candle is one of my favorites. Its classic combination of cinnamon, clove, apple and pumpkin, warms the house with an enticing aroma. It is a perfect complement for this time of year. If I’m completely honest, it is great for any time of year at my house!

So, I hope you also love fall like I do and take advantage of the special things it offers. For those of you who live in a beautiful, sunny, warm area all year round, right now I don’t envy you. Fall in New England is truly something special and a treat to experience and share. As for a couple of months from now, I will be begging you warm climate dwellers for some of that sweet sunshine. I will surely be saying, “Oh, how I wish they could share!”

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