Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon’s Warm white glow Illuminates The hills below Where meadows roll Under Jasmine flowers Whose perfume inspires And empowers The stargazers The moon bathers The stillness shakers The dream chasers The wonder seekers Who refuse to give up Choosing instead To simply look up


Across the silent Lonely night Under a moon So full and bright; A call echoes Through the air Questioning Are you there? A faint noise From afar Answers her In a distant howl; Uncertainty Comes to an end As he calls her home To be with him

Lunar Lullaby

  Cradled in the sky Sits the moon up high Singing a quiet melody That requires no reply It drifts on the breeze Mesmerizingly slow Reaching sleepy ears With hypnotic soothing notes Of peaceful contemplation To bid another day goodbye While welcoming in the night With a lunar lullaby