There’s no commotion This time of year For our feathered friends Who’ve gathered near; Islanders Not willing to revoke Their view from above Where they watch townsfolk; Who stay all year Just like they do Staking their claim The whole winter through; Until bitter cold’s gone And warm days return When summer people come Streets and… Read More Islanders


Covered by fallen leaves And orange pine needles Once green; Acorns on the ground Become lost treasures To be found; By squirrels Who prepare For autumn’s sundown; When a pointed finger Issues an icy demand, “Colors, fade. You must follow Winter’s plan.”


Framed by darkness Illuminated by light A mixed composition Is the cycle of life; Seasons of change Some welcomed…some not All have a purpose Lest we forgot; Even the rainy days That block out the sun Help ignite the color In the next autumn to come.


BURIED Where history speaks Of misery For the untimely deceased For the young and old Who lost their lives: To famine; disease; Hysteria; witch trials; Their fate On headstones marked By date and type Of earthly fraught From a troubling time In our history books Remembered by Monuments and tourist nooks In Salem Secrets, truth… Read More BURIED


Many miles seen and traveled Across rolling hills and fields Cutting through chasms and rock Forming mud and mossy yields. Flowing under rustic covered bridges Past bustling freeways; country roads Where ducks search for dinner Hunting plump, chirping spring toads. Camouflaged by weeds and water Webbed feet, swimming with fishes In the depths of deep… Read More Downstream

A Deconstructed Photo

      Bright, radiating and buxom; dynamic rays aim down. Vibrant, azure and expansive; an expertly painted backdrop. Fluffy, white and scattered; performing a whimsical dance. Vast, chilled and merciless; never-ending, crashing below. Rigid, harsh and constructed; laboring strength to display the next. Designed, forged and formed; enticingly intricate scrollwork. Natural, sketched and reflected;… Read More A Deconstructed Photo