Dear Summer in New England

Dear Summer in New England,

For you we wait all year

To gaze upon your sunny face

And forget our winter fears;

We welcome you

With bare open arms

Too pale from the lack of

Your warmth and charms;

But like the fickle souls we are

Soon we’ll be complaining,

“It’s wicked hot and humid

With your heat, our strength is waning;

Can’t you please

Turn down the thermostat

Be a bit more temperate

For longer than that?”

Then you call your friend

And Thunder answers with a shout

Gladly giving us all

A real reason to pout;

With a bang

Comes the rain

In that moment

We moan and complain;

“Where’s our sun

To scare the clouds away

To warm the breeze

And brighten our days?”

“I’m always here,” you answer,

“Sometimes I’m just behind the clouds,

But when I choose to reappear

A rainbow will be found.”

2 thoughts on “Dear Summer in New England

  1. Nice one. It’s the same over here, too. Though it only has to get to the high 60s before some complain about not being used to the ‘heat.’ Anything in the 70s, is what is classed in Glasgow as ‘taps aff’ weather …. when guys walk around bare chested, their ‘tops off,’ to aid the cooling process.

    I’m getting ahead of myself here, but here’s a piece I wrote for my own blog comparing AUTUMN in New England and West of Scotland.


    1. Hi Colin, good to hear from you! Yes, I think there are complainers everywhere 😉 I live your post comparing autumn in Scotland and NE, so many great and funny points made! How is your writing going? You were working on a book?

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