Be Creative


There’s no better day than today. The news is bad and it’s getting worse every time we look. If we let it, it will bring us down, down, down into the doldrums of doom where Virus is King and we’re all slaves in its Kingdom. There’s no better day than today to rebel and not let that happen! So, instead of slowly shrinking into the depths, let’s use our extra time to start connecting with our creative sides. This is how we can bring a new perspective into this world that so desperately needs it.

My creative outlet of choice is through the pen (or keyboard). I find it is a powerful avenue to portray thoughts, stories, and emotions. For me, it’s a way to be uplifting and to spread good cheer. In our current world, there is an even greater need for positive interaction. It will take all of us choosing to be creative to infiltrate the overwhelming layers of heavy content that we’re currently buried under. What can you do? Well, let’s start by making a pact. Let’s all choose to be creative.

The options are endless (just be creative about it!). Pick up a paintbrush, a camera, a spatula, a wrench, or just use your hands to mold, to assemble, to play the guitar. Sing a new song or an old one that’s new to you. Plant a garden with flowers arranged by color and type or mix them together because that’s what you like. Utilize graphic design to create fresh, exciting content you can share on social media. After all, creating and sharing go hand in hand!

Whatever vehicle of creativity you choose, there’s no way to fail, but there are a few ways to fully embrace being creative. Be open, be true, and be brave! If you feel stuck, immerse yourself in the accomplishments of the creators who came before you: listen to music, read, enjoy food and works of art. Watch a movie for what it is, an amazing collaborative effort brought to fruition by many different types of creators! When your inspiration comes (and it will!) your creativity will be a part of making the world a more interesting place!

2 thoughts on “Be Creative

  1. I love your thoughts on what makes creative writing an outlet for you! I connect so much with the idea that writing helps me learn more about myself while also giving others a chance to experience the unknown. 🙂

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