A Hand

Some are hurting

And in need of a friend

That person in life

Whom they can depend

To extend a hand

Though they may not take it

Choosing to push past

Annoyed and jaded

By all of the times

They needed someone

Only to reach out

And see their help run

Smaller and smaller

A faded memory

Left with all the scars

That drain energy

Heavier and heavier

More and more it grew

The weight of the world

Crushed all they knew

It tried to suffocate

Kill and destroy

Time after time

It robbed all their joy

Until one day

A hand extended to help

And they reached out

Without any doubts

Intention involved

Or threat of hurt

Paired with blind trust

Burying fear in dirt

They no longer needed

To carry it all

One by one

They let all the baggage fall

Lessening the load

Carried far too long

Accepting a hand

Their friendship grew strong

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