Snow Days

Snow days remind us

That dreams can come true

We wished for no school

And the winter winds blew


We woke up to find

A blanket of white

And heard the magic words

“No school,” at daylight


The day would be special

Free from books, schedules, and rules

While sledding, skating and laughing

We never thought about school


But snow days go fast

As fast as the flakes did fall

We’d lose track of time

Until we heard Mom’s supper call


Scurrying home as fast

As our snowsuits allowed

We couldn’t help but notice

The streets had all been plowed


We knew that back to school

Tomorrow, we’d have to go

But wait, did you hear that?

The weatherman just said, “More snow!”

2 thoughts on “Snow Days

  1. How sad am I? I’m sixty now (I know … 😉 ) and though self employed still wish and pray for a snwofall heavy enough to prevent me going to work – even if it does cost me money and I moan about being skint for the next couple of weeks. 😀

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